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Balance of Life

Posted by Sonika Sok Snk

You doubt urself , You laughed at urself when u thinking ab ur past . That the life turining point .

Running a business is one of my life turning points. Everything leads me to changed alot . It the change that make me better , and stronger than before. It was little bit messy , stressed , and tired because u dun know what and how to start . But from day by day everything taught me sometime I had fun with every moments. By the way running business is not easy , we have to compete with other in order to get customers. We have to take responsible and provide trust to them, all of that is the point that make my business can run for two years and now on . But what I want to mentioned here is ab balance. First , Health must be come first . Even u are well educated and whealthy but u are not healthy it like u have nothing. Second , family , parents and sibling are the ones who love u uncoditionally so u have to take time with them as create a good and unforgettble memories with that precious people. Last but not lest it ab spend time to inolve in ur community and build connection with ur friends . All of that is ab balance of life that u must have in ur life ,

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